Digital Student Assessment & Practice Books (Viewable PDFs)

As JUMP Math continues to support the needs of schools and educators, we are pleased to provide the opportunity to purchase access to Digital Student Assessment & Practice Books as viewable PDF files.

When you purchase the viewable PDF student Assessment & Practice Books, you will receive a link that gives you online access to both Parts 1 & 2 of your chosen grade, organized into units.

You may use this service to project Assessment & Practice Book pages in a classroom or screen share virtually for online teaching.

*Please note that you are able to take screen shots to share, but these are not downloadable or printable PDF files for students to write on.  These PDF files are intended for educators who have purchased sets of print student Assessment & Practice Books, the Teacher Resource (lesson plans), and Digital Lesson Slides that are all designed to work together in a Structured Inquiry program to provide an effective JUMP Math lesson for teachers and students. Student pages are not designed to be used without the context of the lesson plan. If you have not yet purchased our resources, please order here.

Educators will have access to these viewable PDFs until August 1, 2021. They are available to order here