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Vancouver teacher says a unique program (JUMP Math) works miracles in class...

Getting a jump on math: Vancouver teacher Elisha Bonnis credits a unique program with working miracles in classrooms writes Janet Steffenhagen of the Vancouver Sun

Elisha says, "One of the things I noticed, and it really made me reflect on my own childhood, was when kids do well at math and they're successful, they think they can do anything," she said in...

Regardez des extraits de nos cahiers d’élèves / See samples of our French w...

Consultez nos extraits gratuits en français et les tables des matières des cahiers destinés aux élèves de la 1re à la 4e année. Check out our free sample sections and full tables of contents for the French student workbooks for Grades 1 to 4. Click here to get the sample sections and the tables of contents.

Commandez dès maintenant les cahiers d’apprentissage pour les élèves en imm...

Dès maintenant, JUMP est fiers d’offrir nos Éditions Françaises de nos cahiers d’apprentissage pour les élèves en immersion française de la première à la quatrième année. | JUMP Math is pleased to announce that Part 1 of its Édition Française student AP Books for Grades 1 to 4 are now available (Part 2 to follow).