Professional Development in Alberta

Professional Development in Alberta is led by Charlene MacKenzie, Donna Prato, and Gael James.

1-Day Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

JUMP Math’s Professional Development (PD) session is designed to give you the tools and skills to effectively use the resources in your classroom or school. In this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn about the JUMP Math resources, its philosophy and development
  • Examine their own comfort levels with mathematics and mathematics teaching
  • Discuss the importance of teachers' mathematical knowledge
  • Observe and critique a JUMP Math lesson
  • Become familiar with JUMP Math's teacher and student materials
  • Discuss practical strategies
  • Have opportunities to share ideas and network with colleagues

Books (one set per participant) are available at a discounted price and must be ordered at time of registration. No books will be sold at the workshop.

Note: Our Professional Development session is also available as a series of webinars.


Want Professional Development In Your School?

If there is sufficient interest in your school district, arrangements can be made to have a JUMP Math Outreach Manager provide professional development for your group. Prices vary according to location and number of teachers. Please contact Charlene MacKenzie for more details.


Payment & Discounts

Full day in-person = $86.40
Half day in-person = $59.40

When you register for a workshop, you have the opportunity to order one printed, binder-ready version of a grade-specific Teacher Resource package at the discounted price of $73.50 + GST and/or one set of grade-specific student Assessment and Practice books at the discounted price of $14 + GST. This discount is only available up to one week before the workshop.

We recommend that you pay online when you register. However, if you do pay by cheque, please indicate which workshop you are attending and mail it to: JUMP Math, One Yonge Street, Suite 1014, Toronto, ON M5E 1E5. Please do not bring your cheque to the workshop.

If your school or district plans to adopt JUMP Math, we offer the following discounts:

  • 35% off Professional Development
  • 20% off Teacher Resources (including Digital Lesson Slides)

Please click here for more information on School and District Discounts.



Outreach Managers in Alberta

Charlene MacKenzie
Charlene enjoyed math in high school only due to a good “memory”. But biology was her calling. It was in post-secondary bio that she “hit the math wall”, though, faced with calculus and certain chemistries. She made it through, yet her bio-based plans got sidetracked after drifting from the Maritimes to Calgary in the 90s; the only teaching positions were in high school math. Thus her extensive teaching career began, in grades 1-12 classrooms and an alternative educational setting for many years. Along the way, and often through kids’ eyes, Charlene found math’s elegance. In recent years, she loved supporting teachers and students in numeracy and literacy. It was in this role that she discovered JUMP Math and John Mighton’s writings, and she ‘jumped’ at the chance to see John speak and learn from the brilliant MJ. A scientist at heart, Charlene is deeply interested in how the brain learns. She is thrilled to bring JUMP to teachers and do all she can to oust that myth of “hitting the math wall”. Charlene adores the mountains’ year-round activities, but her soul belongs to the ocean and east coast music. Slainte. Contact Charlene.

Donna Prato
Donna began her journey into mathematics after 12 years as a Home Economics and Language Arts teacher.  At the time, it scared her a bit because she didn’t think math was her “thing” and she worried about her students. However, once she got going, she loved it!  Donna improved her math understanding by obtaining a Graduate Diploma in Mathematics and by participating in as much professional development as possible. At one session, she was introduced to JUMP Math and was impressed by how accessible this program made this subject for her students. Donna was excited when the opportunity arose to join the JUMP Math team. Now she is happy to be working with teachers so they, too, can bring JUMP Math to their students. Donna’s favourite number is 17 as this was her age when she started university to become a teacher and in ’17 she retired from a very fulfilling 35-year career. 17 is also a prime number – say no more! Contact Donna.

Gael James
Gael’s love of math began as a young child when she would be presented with a problem at bedtime, i.e., if you have A, B, and C, how many combinations can you make? After graduating with a B. Com. in ’89 she travelled the world for the next 20 years, ending up in Taiwan where she taught for 12 years. In 2011, she went for her B. Ed. at the University of Calgary to become a ‘real’ teacher. Gael then shared her love for math with students in elementary classrooms using JUMP Math resources. Gael is delighted to now be a member of the JUMP Math Outreach team in Alberta, helping teachers learn how effective and uncomplicated JUMP Math is to implement in the classroom. Her favourite number is 4, because it is a perfect square that is just the right size for a young student to appreciate. Contact Gael.