Professional Development Webinars

Webinar Learning Pathway

JUMP Math regularly runs webinars led by one of our Outreach Managers.  Webinars are delivered via the internet using Webex Meetings.


Introduction to JUMP Math

JUMP Math’s 'structured inquiry' supports elementary classroom teachers as they build both confidence and strong conceptual understanding with their students. This practical, 1.5-hour webinar explores understanding the 'unfolding math story' while preparing daily math lessons.  JUMP Math’s effective instructional practices engage students in active math learning and practice and help teachers respond “in-the-moment” to individual learning needs.

$35  Please check our PD calendar for dates.

JUMP Math Through The Math Minds Research Lens

Building on the "Introduction to JUMP Math" webinar, we dive deeper into teaching strategies from the Math Minds Initiative, an 8-year collaboration with researchers at the University of Calgary.  The 'structured inquiry' strategies, applied to every JUMP Math lesson, amplify the learning for the range of students in your classroom. This practical, 1.5 hour webinar explores the cognitive science principles that inform the Math Minds model, and how this model supports effective instructional practice with JUMP Math resources (Teacher Resource, Digital Lesson Slides, Assessment & Practice books) through in-depth lesson analysis.  You’ll view your JUMP Math lessons through an entirely new lens!

*Please note: This webinar is for teachers who have already taken the ‘Introduction to JUMP Math’ webinar, have taught with JUMP Math, and are familiar with using the Teacher Resource lesson plans, Digital Lesson Slides, and Student Assessment & Practice Books.

$35 Please check our PD calendar for dates.

Specialized Webinars

Getting Ready for Grades 1 to 3

Inspire confidence, strengthen foundational math skills, and encourage engagement in your primary classroom by beginning with carefully crafted, inclusive math practices. Let JUMP Math help you explore the strategic concept & skill development that builds new connections and deepens those connections incrementally.

$25  -  new dates to be announced in time for the next school year

Getting Ready for Grades 4 to 6

Begin the year in your Junior classroom with engaging and interactive learning opportunities designed to strengthen the development of math skills and conceptual understanding. Let JUMP Math help you improve student outcomes as you explore the frameworks that develop mathematically fluent problem solvers. 

$25  -  new dates to be announced in time for the next school year

Getting Ready for Grades 7 and 8

This one hour webinar is designed for teachers using JUMP Math in Grades 7 & 8 (and even a bit while moving beyond!) We will explore year planning and how to organize your classroom to teach using JUMP Math resources, Mental Math and Problem Solving. This session applies to those new to JUMP Math, as well as returning teachers who would like to participate in a bit of a refresher.

$25  -  new dates to be announced in time for the next school year

Strategies for Teaching Combined Grades with JUMP Math

This 1 hour webinar will guide you on how JUMP Math can support you when teaching split or combined grades 

$25  Please check our PD calendar for dates.

Kindergarten Webinar Series - New dates to be announced soon

Crafted especially for educators in the early years, our topic-focused sessions offer strategies and tips for integrating mathematics in the K classroom. Each webinar is 60 minutes and only $25 to register! 

  • Assessment.  Explore JUMP Math’s Kindergarten strategies for continuous assessment and the readily observable “look fors” that will support making thinking and learning visible for your Kindergarten learners and their families.
  • Spatial Awareness in the Early years.  Learn how the JUMP Math Kindergarten resources can help you provoke and develop spatial thinking in your Kindergarten setting as you introduce and explore intentional spatial language, and purposeful and playful tasks.
  • Mental Math, Part 1 "Counting Fluency".  JUMP Math Kindergarten Resources use simple and engaging activities to support all elements of the complex counting process. Let us help you expand your repertoire for developing number sense, computational fluency and conceptual understanding.
  • Mental Math, Part 2 "Comparing and Composing".  Strengthen early computational fluency in your Kindergarten setting with a variety of activities that explore and structure inquiry of mathematical comparison and composing and decomposing of numbers.
  • Getting Ready for Kindergarten Math.  Let JUMP Math lighten your load as you plan. Uncover and rediscover opportunities for active, interactive, and joyful math learning within a context of math-friendly daily classroom routines.

$25 per session

Digital Lesson Slides 101

This practical one-hour webinar will help you discover the many tips and tricks that are built into the JUMP Math Digital Lesson Slides.  When used effectively in combination with the lesson plans, the Digital Lesson Slides make lessons even more interactive and engaging.  Enjoy exploring more opportunities to support learning and meet the needs of your diverse learners with confidence! 

$25 Please check our PD calendar for dates.

Problem Solving with JUMP Math

In this one-hour webinar, Grade 3-8 teachers will be encouraged to explore the many problem solving opportunities that JUMP Math resources offer.  Participants will enjoy hands-on experiences that reveal how the JUMP Math “Problem Solving Lessons”, in particular,  carefully develop concepts and set the stage for confident student engagement.

$25 Please check our PD calendar for dates.

Mental Math for Grades 1 & 2

JUMP Math for Grade 1 & 2 supports each learner in building a strong internal framework.  Join this webinar to explore strategies for strengthening number sense, computational fluency , and conceptual understanding. The accessible and engaging activities can quickly and easily be included in your daily routines!

$25 Please check our PD calendar for dates.

Mental Math for Grades 3 to 8

In this one-hour webinar, Grade 3 to 8 teachers will be encouraged to investigate the mental math strategies presented in the JUMP Math resources and to see how effectively the cognitive strategies that enhance flexible thinking and number sense can be developed. Build equality and community in your students through strong mental math skills.

$25 Please check our PD calendar for dates.