Prices - USA

US Expanded Common Core Edition Teacher Resources

A binder-ready copy of Part 1 and Part 2 together costs the following for each grade:

Kindergarten               $91.80
Grades 1 and 2           $101.95
Grades 3 to 6              $122.95
Grades 7 and 8           $134.95

There are no discounts for the Teacher Resources, and they are non-returnable. Teacher Resources may also be downloaded online at no cost.

US Common Core Edition SMART Lesson Materials

Each grade-level set is available as a download for $65.00.

US Common Core Edition Student Assessment & Practice (AP) Books

All our AP Books are listed at the same price. You are free to order any quantity and in any combination you wish. Prices for individual and school orders are:

1-5 copies                  no discount     $11.00 per copy
6-20 copies                20% off           $8.80 per copy
21 or more copies        40% off         $6.60 per copy

Confidence Building Units

Student Confidence Building Units in any combination:

Total Number of Copies

Challenge B* Discount

Challenge B* Pricing (per unit)

Challenge C Discount

Challenge C Pricing (per unit)

Challenge D Discount

Challenge D Pricing (per unit)


0% off


0% off


0% off



20% off


20% off


20% off



40% off


40% off


40% off


*Note: There are two Level B Confidence Building Units: Fractions Challenge B and Addition with Big Numbers Challenge B.

Teacher's Manuals for the Confidence Building Units:

Teacher's Manual for the two Level B Confidence Building Units (combined): $3.50 per copy.

Teacher's Manual for the Level C & D Confidence Building Units (combined): $6.00 per copy.

Please note that no discounts are applicable to orders for the CBU Teacher's Manuals, and they are non-returnable. The Confidence Building Units and their Teacher's Manuals are also available for free download.


NOTE: Wholesalers, libraries, and bookstores receive a flat 40% discount off our standard list prices.

For a list of JUMP Math US print titles and ISBNs, see our US Common Core order form.

Canadian print titles and ISBNs are listed on separate Canadian English Edition and Canadian French Immersion Edition order forms.