Professional Development

Our professional development (PD) sessions are designed to show you how to use the JUMP Math curriculum and our proven teaching strategies to reach and engage all students.

How to Reach and Teach Every Child (Introduction)

Focus Audience: Teachers of Grades 1–8, Learning Assistance Specialists, and EAs with little or no experience with JUMP Math.

Get introduced to the JUMP Math approach and gain the tools and skills to implement the program effectively in your classroom or school. In this workshop you will gain:

  • A foundation in the JUMP Math approach to teaching mathematics in 1st to 8th grade classrooms
  • Knowledge of the emerging evidence on the effectiveness of JUMP Math
  • An understanding of how JUMP Math aligns with the US Common Core State Standards
  • Strategies to develop mental math fluency
  • Differentiation techniques that support classroom community and avoid classroom hierarchies
  • Techniques for teaching problem-solving skills
  • Assessment strategies that keep students engaged and learning in their comfort zone
  • Familiarity with JUMP Math's teacher and student materials
  • Opportunities to share ideas and network with colleagues

Meet the Outreach Team!

Cecelia Daniels
Ceil learned early in her teaching career that building students’ self-confidence is one of the most important mediating factors in learning. In fact, ninth grade Physical Science in her classroom always started the year with a set of easily accessible experiential activities that made students feel like science was interesting, relevant, and most importantly, easy! After spending many years as a teacher, tutor, researcher, program developer, coach, and mom, she had the opportunity to learn about JUMP math and see it in action in fourth grade classrooms in high-poverty New York City schools as part of an evaluation of the program. After interviewing students and teachers, a common theme emerged. JUMP Math was building growth mindsets among the majority of the teachers and students in the study. Teachers and students were finding out that they loved math! After meeting John, Liz, and the rest of the team at JUMP Math and reading John’s books, she knew that this research was very important and that the JUMP Math approach could change lives. As part of the team at The Center for Research and Reform in Education, part of the School of Education at Johns Hopkins University, Ceil has continued to work with JUMP Math to grow its presence in the U.S. education marketplace through high quality research, outreach, professional development, and implementation support for schools. Contact Ceil.

Amy Helmstetter
Amy embarked on her teaching adventures in 2001. After teaching everything from English as a second language to dance in the public schools, she eventually became an elementary classroom teacher in N. California. As a classroom teacher, Amy used JUMP Math resources and saw firsthand how the lesson structure helps teachers engage even the most reluctant learners. She saw an opportunity to expand her reach by joining the JUMP Math team in 2012. Since then, Amy has developed her skills as a total renaissance woman on a mission to help teachers and students improve their confidence and skills in math. For a few years, Amy left JUMP Math for a stint in a private publishing company only to find that it is more fulfilling and inspiring to work for JUMP Math with its caring, mission driven, skillful leadership. Having landed in Pittsburgh, Amy loves exploring the city’s parks with her husband and two little boys. Contact Amy.

Crystal Nunnally
Crystal never imagined that she would ever become a teacher.  Although she came from a family of educators, her dream was to become an accountant.  In college, she majored in accounting, but after working in accounting for a few years, she realized that her passion was working with middle and high school aged students in urban, inner city schools.  After completing her certification in Upper Elementary Grades and Secondary Mathematics, Crystal begin working in the public schools in New Orleans as a teacher and mathematics coach.  Her journey in the field of education has allowed her to work with many school districts across the country as a facilitator and consultant.  Crystal feels that as a JUMP Math Outreach Manager, she will be able to continue the journey of working with and supporting students, teachers and administrators with understanding and embracing mathematics.  Contact Crystal